Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our first post AND Taco Tuesdays!

Gotta love it!  The first post for A2 Townies and Taco Tuesday all in one - ahhhh!

First, let us introduce ourselves...

We are a mother-daughter duo who were born and raised in Ann Arbor and are official TOWNIES! 

We love Ann Arbor (A2, the duece!) and all it has to offer.  Great food, inspiring arts and culture, nightlife, nature, and entertainment are just the beginning of what makes our city so adored...not to mention the fabulous people that make this one of the best towns to live and raise a family. 

We hope you enjoy A2 through our adventures as mother and daughter (aka best friends!).

Now, to our first "official" adventure - TACO TUESDAY!

We have been visiting Sabor Latino since they opened in 1998 (many times to get a Coke in the bottle!).  In 2009, the restaurant underwent new ownership and recently got a liquor license to serve a variety of margaritas, mixed drinks, wine, and imported/domestic beers. 

We have become regulars at Taco Tuesday for 1) the delicious tacos and 2) the great prices (tacos just $1).  The restaurant has nightly specials and Taco Tuesday is becoming wildly popular.  That said, service may not always be the fastest, but it is always friendly! 

Yummy beef, chorizo, and pork tacos!

Give Taco Tuesday (or any fab day of the week) a try at Sabor Latino!