Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A2 Birthday Deals!

It's good to be a townie on your birthday! There are many deals (read free and cheap!) for dining, drinks, and fun if you're in Ann Arbor on your special day.

I recently took advantage of some of these freebies on my birthday this past weekend.

First of all, I signed up to be part of the "Friends of the Owner" (FOTO) club at Ashley's. If you do this the month before your birthday, you can indulge in a FREE PIZZA! I've yet to take advantage of this offer, but I've got the month of October to do so!!

I started my birthday morning with my loving hubby for breakfast at Northside Grill. My entree was free with proof that it was my special day. This place ROCKS...they even brought my yummy skillet dish out with a candle. How cute! *Note: back in the day Northside Grill was actually Gray's Garage which was owned by my's that for being a townie?!?

After breakfast, we walked around Kerrytown and the Sunday Artisan Market. It was nice to walk off some of that great food from Northside! We also took advantage of visiting Zingerman's Bakehouse for half a dozen FREE bagels! A great and yummy deal that hubby has been enjoying for breakfast this week!

For lunch, the better half of A2 Townies (my Mom!) and niece went to Grizzly Peak. I ate light since I was still feeling full from my breakfast, but made sure to indulge in their Cheddar Ale Soup. You townies know what I'm talking about!! There, we were treated to a complimentary dessert - my choice was vanilla creme brulee. Delish! I also walked out of there with a GP pint glass and a $10 gift certificate for my next visit. All FREE!

Our dinner was at Palio where you get 1/(number of guests) off your bill. There were seven of us - mom, 2 aunts, grandma, niece, hubby, and the bday girl - ME! We had a wonderful meal, drinks, and conversation. And, of course, more FREE dessert! This time, we all shared a wonderful tiramisu. The consensus was that it was the best we had ever had. Yum!

Obviously, this was a day of eating (I didn't even hit on the family picnic with lots of food that I went to in between!)! I can't imagine tackling all the free offers that are available on your birthday or even birthday month. A great time to visit local places of business too!

Remember special A2 offers on your big day!!



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